• Photo Shoot with Kel Ward!

    Here are a few shots from a bridal photo shoot I provided a bridal bouquet and boutonniere for down in Salem last Autumn.  Thank you so much to Kelly of Kel Ward Photography for asking me to take part, styling the shoot and providing me with these gorgeous images!  Be sure to check out her website for more info about how she might help you with your upcoming event!IMG_7897

  • We’re a finalist for the Best Florist in Portland!


    I’m so excited to announce that we’ve been voted amongst the top three wedding florists in Portland by Oregon Bride Magazine!  This is the sixth year in a row we’ve been so honored!  Thank you to everyone who voted for us!  The contest went on to a final vote by our fellow vendors and the winners will be announced in the Fall/Winter issue of Oregon Bride Magazine due out in July.  Thank you again and a big congrats to the other finalists!

  • Sneak Peek from Catalina Jean Photography!


  • Apologies!

    We appear to have had some website/email difficulties in the last week!  I’m so sorry if you have tried contacting us through our website form and have not received a reply.  If that’s the case please try us again (we’ve fixed the problem), email us directly at or call us at 503.851.1672.  Again, my deepest apologies for the inconvenience!

    Happy snowy weekend!

  • Reser Stadium Wedding with Atelier Pictures! Part 2!

    Erin and Kyle’s wedding at Reser Stadium was definitely one of last summer’s highlights!  Not only are they both very cool, relaxed people but we had the fun of getting to decorate the club level for their reception at Oregon State University’s football stadium.  Kyle used to play for the Beavers and now works as a coach with the football team so the stadium is certainly a place where the couple has a lot of memories in together.

    The ceremony took place at a private residence at the nearby Corvallis Country Club.  Classic and clean flowers in shades of white with accents of lavender and grey worked well with both venues as well as the bridesmaids adorable lilac colored dresses.  Details such as mason jars, farm tables, chalkboards, wine barrels added dimension and a warm contrast to Reser’s more modern lines.  Football also played a consistent theme as the rings were attached to one that the ring bearer carried at the ceremony and guests “signed the pigskin” in lieu of a traditional guestbook.

    Congratulations to a fabulous couple and thank you for letting us take part in your day!

    AtelierPictures-13f0056 AtelierPictures-13f0316 AtelierPictures-13f0363 AtelierPictures-13f0448 AtelierPictures-13f0442 AtelierPictures-13f0394 AtelierPictures-13f0435 AtelierPictures-13f0653 AtelierPictures-13f0630 AtelierPictures-13f0613 AtelierPictures-13f0623 AtelierPictures-13f0722 AtelierPictures-13f0449

    Vendors- (click on name for link to website)

    Venue and Catering- Reser Stadium at Oregon State University

    Photography- Atelier Pictures (website and facebook)

    Coordinator- Morgan at A Time 4 Memories

    Tables and Chairs- Classic Vintage Rentals




  • Reser Stadium Wedding with Atelier Pictures! Part 1!


    Erin and Kyle’s wedding at Reser Stadium was definitely one of last summer’s highlights!  Kyle used to play for the Beavers, then played as a starting guard for the Colts and is now a coach back at OSU.  As a part of their post ceremony photo shoot the guys from Atelier Pictures took the wedding party down to the field and got some pretty hilarious shots!  I hope you enjoy!

  • Now Booking 2014 and 2015 Weddings!


    Booking season for this year’s Portland wedding flowers is definitely on!  I’m excited that we’re booking well ahead of normal for the 2014 season (and even the 2015 season) which means that if you’re interested in meeting with us to talk flowers please do not delay!

    With meetings and bookings in mind I wanted to write a little post to hopefully help engaged couples who are just starting in the planning process navigate the wedding flower pond a little easier.

    When to Book-

    As a boutique wedding florist we only take on a certain amount of work per weekend since there are only so many hands on deck and so much time in a day.  And since weddings can vary in size pretty dramatically this can mean that some weekends we only take on one wedding whereas others may have 4 or more.  It really just comes down to the size and location of each event.  With that in mind, we’re definitely in “high season” for booking summer weddings and weekends are beginning to fill up.  So, if you’re getting married on a Friday-Sunday May – October I recommend you contact us sooner than later.  That also goes for any weddings taking place between now and May.  If you haven’t yet set a date, I would say that in general meeting with florists 6-9 months out for Saturday weddings is a good idea.  If you’re getting married in off season (November- April) or on a weekday, then 3- 6 months is usually plenty of time.

    What To Do Before Your Initial Floral Consultation-

    Before you meet with a florist I HIGHLY recommend already having booked your venue and also to have a general, or pretty close, idea of the colors you want for the wedding.  The location, date and color scheme all have a huge impact on the types of flowers we’ll recommend for you to use.  And the types of flowers not only affect the vision but also the associated cost.  Another suggestion I have before you meet with florists to collect a few images of flowers, colors and/or decor that you love.  It doesn’t have to be many (more on that later) but a few will help to convey your personal style to the florist in a way that words often can’t.

    What Happens At the Initial Consultation-

    Ideally at the first consultation we’ll be able to meet in person at our floral studio in downtown Portland but when that’s not possible email and phone calls work too.  At the initial meeting we’ll go through your various needs and ideas.  I’ll offer some suggestions, show you photos and also hard goods such as containers, ribbon samples, linen samples and colors to gauge your style and also show you some new ideas.  After this meeting I’ll draft a proposal with itemized descriptions and pricing that I’ll email to you along with a contract outlining our payment and rental policies.  There are no fees for the initial consultation or proposal.

    How Much will the Wedding Flowers Cost-

    Understandably, this is the big question for many of our clients before and at the initial consultation.  Unfortunately, because of the huge range in the cost of wedding flowers I don’t like to give out pricing before I get more detail from couples about what they want and need.  The cost of flowers is affected primarily by four things, the types of flowers we use, seasonal availability, how many flowers we use and also the amount of labor involved.  Prices will be listed on the proposal and will not change after a contract has been signed.  The one exception to this is if we are dealing with sensitive seasonal product.  For instance, if a wedding is on the edge of peony season then I will include two prices for the peonies.  One for if we can get them locally and one for if we have to ship them in.  Since weather plays a huge part in the floral industry and it’s simply something we cannot control I’ve found this is the best way to “plan for the worst and hope for the best.”  You’ll be informed of both before signing the contract and will get the final notice two weeks before the wedding (if not sooner.)

    Other Services We Offer-

    At Blum we are first and foremost florists.  This means that we provide flowers for everything from the bouquets and wedding party to ceremony decor to centerpieces and on and on.  Most of our clients also rent vases, containers and candles from us as it saves time and money.  Other services we offer are helping with other rentals and also event styling.  There are several excellent rental companies in Portland that we work with on a regular basis as well as linens that we can ship in.  The perk for this with clients is that they know the look is cohesive and it also helps to cut out some of the decisions since we’ll help to narrow down the options.  There is no additional cost to the client for this service beyond the cost of the rentals themselves.  Styling is a similar process, we can help you with items such as paper products, table settings, linens, lighting, candy buffets, and so on.  The actual products will be outsourced but this way you know the look is cohesive and we can help to give your wedding a really special, unique feel!  Please note that there is a big difference between styling and coordinating.  While some wedding coordinators do offer styling services they also help with items that we do not, such as timelines, contract reviews, payment plans, and day of execution (ie, making sure that your cake shows up on time, a rain plan gets installed, catering bill gets paid, dj doesn’t get drunk, etc.)  We’ve been lucky to work with many amazing coordinators over the years and if you’re interested I’d love to share their names with you!

    Last but Not Least… A Note on Pinterest-

    I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest!  It has become a tool that I use often both for fun and also as a way of communicating with clients.  The hate part of my relationship with Pinterest comes in when clients sometimes fall into the trap of doing too much research before they meet with the florist.  Most photos of wedding flowers online don’t say how much that flower cost, or what season it’s available in.  Sometimes photos (even from what seem like credible sources) include information that’s just plain wrong.  This is a bummer for both bride and florist because it can setup expectations to a really unreasonable level.  I wish I could tell clients that I could make every picture that they love work for them in their budget but the reality is oftentimes, that’s just not the case.  The other challenge with Pinterest is that it can really take the creativity and uniqueness out of the wedding when a client comes in to a meeting knowing exactly what they want in advance.  So, the moral of the story is, I recommend using Pinterest most of all as a form of communication and organization.  Also, use it for a little inspiration but keep it to that.  Find a few pictures that you like and then ask your florist what they can do to make it even better for YOU!  My last suggestion is to turn off Pinterest a month before the wedding. With all of the emotions in that last month it can be really easy to start second guessing your decisions so turn it off and trust yourself that you made the right choices!


    Fhew!  That was a pretty wordy post! I hope it wasn’t too long but also that you found it helpful!  Please feel free to email or call me with any questions that you may have or also to setup a meeting so that we can talk about your wedding flowers!  And, most of all, congratulations on your engagement and happy wedding planning!



    Photo by Ashley Forrette!  Visit her website at




  • Edgefield Wedding with Once Like a Spark Photography!

    Emily & Denise (487 of 553)_OnceLikeaSpark

    Emily and Denise were married in September at McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale.  Edgefield weddings are always fun because of the laid back feel and this one was no exception!  Children and family were a huge part of the day and details included a teepee, toys and lots of games tailored just for them.  (I have a feeling the grownups thought they were pretty cool too!)  The ceremony took place on the Meadow where the the couple were married in front of a hop garland covering the venue’s pergola.  Glass teardrop vases filled with ranunculus and dahlias added a touch of color and really caught the late summer sunlight.  Furniture from Classic Vintage Rentals added a really intimate feel and beautifully complemented our floral pieces in shades of yellow, green, grey and white.  Terrariums and mason jars on the tables continued the laid back vibe for dinner and dancing inside of Blackberry Hall.  Congratulations to a wonderful couple and thank you for letting us take part in your day!


  • Persimmon Country Club Wedding with Powers Studio


    On this very rainy day before Christmas Eve I’m excited to share photos from one of my favorite sunny, summer weddings.   Amanda and Matt were married in August in an intimate ceremony at Oregon City’s Historic Baker Cabin Pioneer Church with a  reception following at the Persimmon Country Club.  The bride’s parents were married at the little chapel and I loved that Amanda wanted to continue that tradition.   The flowers we chose were totally classic and featured lots of roses, hydrangea and ranunculus in shades of pink, blush and cream.  Congratulations Amanda and Matt!  Thank you for letting us take part in your day!

  • Youngberg Hill Wedding with Jessica Hill Photography! (And a note on Thanksgiving)


    This morning as I was driving home from my final holiday decor installation I couldn’t help but consider and think about the things I’m most thankful for on this Thanksgiving weekend. In addition to the most important friends/family/roof over my head/food on my plate ideas I have to say the things that really stick out are how grateful I am to have a job that I love and also the relationships I’ve forged because of this job.   This year in particular, for some unknown reason, I became incredibly aware of how many of our clients I really felt a connection to and also how many fellow vendors have become good friends.  In a job that, as great as it can be, can also be pretty stressful and exhausting at times, a good hug, some laughs and a sincere thank you from these people have come to mean the world to me.  More so than I think the givers will ever know!

    One such wedding that was pretty overflowing with the fore mentioned relationships and emotions was Cat and Sam’s August wedding at one of my favorite venues, Youngberg Hill.