• My top tips for the month before your wedding!

    June is one of my favorite times of year!  The local, gorgeous floral product is in full swing and we finally get to see all the planning of the winter months come to fruition at our summer weddings!  Since July- September is definitely our busiest time of year in the wedding industry I thought that I might post a few last minute tips that I’ve heard are really helpful from past brides and also as your floral vendor.  Please feel free to share your own tips and advice as well!13-0803wridge-506

    1. Plan ahead.  Most of our final payments for wedding flowers are due 2-3 weeks before the wedding.  This is so that we have payment at the time of ordering the flowers.  I also like to do it this way so that we can finalize details before any last minute nerves or anxiety starts to set in.  So, my advice to brides is, try to have everything finalized two weeks before the wedding.  Of course there will be things you HAVE to do last minute but that’s why getting those things done early that can be done early is so helpful.

    2. Turn off Pinterest.  A month before your wedding turn off Pinterest, SMP, Green Wedding Shoes and any of those other social media sites and blogs that you’ve been checking out regularly for the past year!  A month before the wedding you should have design and details figured out so it’s not really a useful tool anymore.  Similarly, if a certain detail hasn’t seemed important until now… it probably isn’t.

    3.  Get back to basics.  When I was a teenager and I’d have a meltdown I remember my mom would always ask me if I needed to get back to basics.  By that, she meant that if my emotions were out of check it probably meant I wasn’t doing one or more of the following… eating well, sleeping well, drinking enough water or getting regular exercise.  Obviously those things won’t fix everything but they do fix a lot.  To this day, when I’m starting to feel stressed the first thing I do is step back and see if I’m missing any of those pieces.  I usually am and fixing it usually helps a lot.

    4.  Date your fiancee and take a break from wedding planning!  I think it gets to be pretty common during wedding planning (and especially in the last month) that all couples do is talk and plan wedding.  That’s exhausting!  Make sure to take time together to just date, have fun and not be in a logistical work mode.  It can be a weekend, it can be going for a hike, or it can be meeting up for a single cup of coffee.  It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you’re intentional about not talking only about the wedding and instead just enjoying each other.

    5.  If you start to get overwhelmed call in the troops… aka, your vendors. :-) Clients call me all the time with questions that may or may not have to do with their flowers but they just need someone to bounce an idea off of.  That’s totally fine and what I’m here for!  You hired people you trust so now’s a good time to trust them.  We want the best for you and that includes walking into your wedding day feeling relaxed and excited.


    Congratulations!  You’re almost married!  We can’t wait to be a party of your celebrations this summer!

    Photo by Powers Studio taken at Youngberg Hill

  • Tabletop Tuesday! Orchids, airplants and grapewood centerpiece


  • Tabletop Tuesday! Marigold, Black, Silver and White…


  • “Little People Big World” Wedding!



    Meredith and Kevin were married at the Roloff Farm last September.  You may recognize the farm (and the wedding!) as it was featured this winter on the Roloff’s TLC show “Little People Big World.”   This wedding was a ton of fun for me as the couple had a lot of great ideas, were very hands on and I got to work with some of my favorite fellow vendors including their wedding planner Mandi from Champagne NW!  I know it sounds cheesy but really, the fact that it was on tv was just a bonus for getting to work with such a great team. 

  • Flowers, weddings and reality tv!


    My first dip into the wild and weird world of reality tv came several years ago when tv producer contacted me about becoming a contestant on Logo’s floral design competition show “The Arrangement.”  It was the first season and the show was being pitched as “the Top Chef of floral design.”  Several phone and skype interviews later I was offered the opportunity to be on but ultimately chose not to take part because of a.) scheduling conflicts, b.) very unclear parameters of how contestants would be portrayed, and c.) lack of definition regarding the reward money (hey, a girl’s got to get paid!)

    My second failed experience with reality tv came when the owners of the now out of operation View Point Inn were filming a test pilot for a show about their venue.  Cameras followed the owners, myself and our clients around the venue as we prepped for and executed a wedding.  In my opinion the combination of the extremely passionate owners, gorgeous views, weddings, fervent Twilight fans (several famous scenes were filmed at the Inn) and ultimate demise when the historic Inn claimed bankruptcy and ultimately burned down in a devastating fire  would have made for some Grade A television.

    Our most recent experience with reality tv happened last fall when we were asked to provide flowers for Kevin and Meredith’s wedding at the Roloff Farm.  The third time was the charm and the wedding aired on TLC in November!  We had such a blast working with the couple, the venue, producers and Mandi from Champagne who coordinated the event and designed many of the decorative aspects!  I was also so pleased with how everything came out and also how the network respected the vendors, families and wedding party involved.  The day itself was GORGEOUS and having never been to the Roloff’s farm I was totally impressed with all of the details and vistas.

    Check out this link for a peek inside their day!   I’ll be posting images soon!

    Image by Maggie at Honeysuckle Photography


  • Photo Shoot with Kel Ward!

    Here are a few shots from a bridal photo shoot I provided a bridal bouquet and boutonniere for down in Salem last Autumn.  Thank you so much to Kelly of Kel Ward Photography for asking me to take part, styling the shoot and providing me with these gorgeous images!  Be sure to check out her website for more info about how she might help you with your upcoming event!IMG_7897

  • We’re a finalist for the Best Florist in Portland!


    I’m so excited to announce that we’ve been voted amongst the top three wedding florists in Portland by Oregon Bride Magazine!  This is the sixth year in a row we’ve been so honored!  Thank you to everyone who voted for us!  The contest went on to a final vote by our fellow vendors and the winners will be announced in the Fall/Winter issue of Oregon Bride Magazine due out in July.  Thank you again and a big congrats to the other finalists!

  • Sneak Peek from Catalina Jean Photography!


  • Apologies!

    We appear to have had some website/email difficulties in the last week!  I’m so sorry if you have tried contacting us through our website form and have not received a reply.  If that’s the case please try us again (we’ve fixed the problem), email us directly at or call us at 503.851.1672.  Again, my deepest apologies for the inconvenience!

    Happy snowy weekend!

  • Reser Stadium Wedding with Atelier Pictures! Part 2!

    Erin and Kyle’s wedding at Reser Stadium was definitely one of last summer’s highlights!  Not only are they both very cool, relaxed people but we had the fun of getting to decorate the club level for their reception at Oregon State University’s football stadium.  Kyle used to play for the Beavers and now works as a coach with the football team so the stadium is certainly a place where the couple has a lot of memories in together.

    The ceremony took place at a private residence at the nearby Corvallis Country Club.  Classic and clean flowers in shades of white with accents of lavender and grey worked well with both venues as well as the bridesmaids adorable lilac colored dresses.  Details such as mason jars, farm tables, chalkboards, wine barrels added dimension and a warm contrast to Reser’s more modern lines.  Football also played a consistent theme as the rings were attached to one that the ring bearer carried at the ceremony and guests “signed the pigskin” in lieu of a traditional guestbook.

    Congratulations to a fabulous couple and thank you for letting us take part in your day!

    AtelierPictures-13f0056 AtelierPictures-13f0316 AtelierPictures-13f0363 AtelierPictures-13f0448 AtelierPictures-13f0442 AtelierPictures-13f0394 AtelierPictures-13f0435 AtelierPictures-13f0653 AtelierPictures-13f0630 AtelierPictures-13f0613 AtelierPictures-13f0623 AtelierPictures-13f0722 AtelierPictures-13f0449

    Vendors- (click on name for link to website)

    Venue and Catering- Reser Stadium at Oregon State University

    Photography- Atelier Pictures (website and facebook)

    Coordinator- Morgan at A Time 4 Memories

    Tables and Chairs- Classic Vintage Rentals




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