Ariella Chezar and Max Gill Workshop Final Dinner!

On the final evening of the workshop attendees arranged florals for an evening designed by Ariella.  Warm, colorful, beautiful and delicious it was the perfect way to end the stay. 


2016_Ariella_Workshop_Berkshires_04802016_Ariella_Workshop_Berkshires_04972016_Ariella_Workshop_Berkshires_0450 2016_Ariella_Workshop_Berkshires_0436

I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to travel to workshops and live the luxury of expanding my knowledge and appreciation for floristry. If you have the opportunity I recommend doing the same!

Ariella’s website can be found here…!

And Max!

And Stonover Farm!

And Corbin Gurkin’s site who took and shared these gorgeous photos for us!


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