What does Blüm mean?  And how do I pronounce it?!

Our #1 most asked question!  Blümen is German for flowers, it is pronounced blurmen but “bloomen” works just fine. When picking a name we wanted something that referenced our European roots (both genetically and also in floral design training) and also a unique word that was all our own.  So, we took the German word for flowers and cut the stem a little shorter (pun intended!)

What services do you offer?

In addition to floral design we also provide event and wedding styling services.  This means that we can help you not only with your flowers but also with coordinating a flawless look from flowers to linens to chairs to all the other fun details that make a wedding an unforgettably beautiful experience! In addition to weddings we also provide flowers for events, weekly deliveries, monthly subscriptions and holiday decor for your home and business!

Where are you located? Can I swing by?

Our studio is located at 3508 SW Corbett Ave, Portland, OR 97239. We are next door to the Ross Island Market and Cafe. Free 2 hour on street parking is plentiful in the neighborhood. We are available for consultations by appointment only. If you’re in the area and feel like dropping by please give us a ring to make sure we’ll be in the studio and are not offsite at an event or meeting.

What’s the first step in planning my wedding? Where do we even begin?

For the majority of our clients our first step is to email exchange with a few ideas and ballpark prices. Once we know we’re in sync we’ll schedule a time to chat on the phone or in person at our studio.This is a chance for us to exchange ideas with you and really get into your unique vision. We will go through the details and then email over a proposal complete with itemized descriptions and pricing. The first proposal is generally a bit of a rough draft and edits are expected. A 25% deposit is required to reserve the date.

How long have you been in business? How long have you been in your current space?

Blum was founded in 2005. After 12 years in our Naito Parkway studio we moved to our current location on Corbett in March 2018!

How much do wedding flowers cost/ do you have a pricelist?

At Blum we do not have a pricelist for our wedding or event flowers. Pricing of flowers and decor can vary greatly based on the type of flower as well as the season availability, the quantity and the technique/labor of the designs required. By not having a set pricelist or overall cost we are able to provide a customized quote based on each client’s wants and needs. For an accurate quote clients are encouraged to come in for a complimentary consultation (see above) where we will go over all the details of your wedding decor. After gathering this information that designer will then draft a proposal complete with detailed descriptions and pricing. It’s important to note that the first meeting is often a place to get ideas, concepts and options down on paper and that tailoring is often required to please all parties involved. Please feel free to contact us today to schedule your appointment!

What flowers are in season when?

Below are a list of just some of the flowers available at different times through out the year . . .

Year round- Roses, hypericum berries, hydrangea, gerbera daisies, varying orchids, protea, lilies, gladiolas, calla lilies, fruits such as apples, clementines, lemons, limes

Spring- Tulips, daffodils, narcissus, peonies, ranunculus, flowering branches, viburnum, hyacinth, muscari, agapanthus

Summer- Garden roses, dahlias, sunflowers, queen anne’s lace, chocolate cosmos, delphinium, crab apples, chinese lanterns, bachelor’s buttons

Fall- Most of the summer flowers are also available in fall. In addition to those are aged hydrangea, hops, colorful fall foliage such as maple and oak, pumpkins, sedum

Winter- Tulips, amaryllis, helleborus, brunia, winter foliage such as pine and noble

Where do you get your flowers from? We want our flowers to be local and, hopefully, organic. Is that possible?

We buy our flowers locally whenever possible. We are so lucky to live and work in the pacific northwest where there’s a thriving flower farming industry. This not only supports are local economy but also provides the highest quality of flowers at the best price. Organic flowers are definitely available though the selection is more limited. For the flowers that we are not able to get locally we will ship them in most often from Hawaii, California, South America, Italy, New Zealand and Holland. Just as a restaurant is constantly searching for the best possible ingredients for the highest value we continue our quest to find the most pristine flowers available.

For questions not listed in this section please feel free to enquire on our “contact us” page. Thank you!!!

Blum Floral Design