Happy New Year!

I can hardly believe we’re already living in 2019! 2018 was an unforgettable year at Blum!

It was a year of significant change in the studio. In March we moved to our current location on SW Corbett Ave. We were previously on NW Naito for over 12 years and the task of moving felt monumental in many ways. In reality it could not have gone better and the new space has been so good. We also had a shifting of staff as Megan moved to the east coast (and had a baby!) and Shawna moved on to the new adventure of starting a flower farm! I was nervous about the idea of change but I could not be more grateful for the wake of incredible women and men I met as a result of hiring a new crew. I’m still just amazed at how people stepped up, filled their roles and also bonded as a team. THANK YOU to Gwen, SJ, Lauren, Laura, Jake, Paul and many more for your hard work, support and friendship this year. I can’t wait to do it again with you this year!

One of the cool things about being a wedding florist in Portland is the incredibly tight knit community of wedding vendors we get to work alongside. This includes planners, venue operators, caterers, photographers, bakers, djs, makeup artists, calligraphers, videographers, musicians, graphic designers, other florists, and more. It’s so fun to show up to a wedding venue and be greeted by hugs and familiar hellos. In June it was thanks to these fellow vendors that we were once again voted Best Florist in Portland by Oregon Bride Magazine. I’m also so grateful to be able to call on peers for advice and help when the time comes.

Most of all THANK YOU to our 2018 clients! We provided flowers for over 70 weddings and events in 2018 that ranged from intimate family gatherings in wine country to massive art museum blowouts. I hope it doesn’t sound too corny but I honestly learn to love and be more grateful for my job the longer I do it. The diversity of people we work with and the diversity of aesthetics you allow us to be creative with is just so fun! I genuinely love the challenge of meeting someone who has a vague idea what they may want and getting to mold that into a reality. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

In 2019 I’m excited for more! More weddings, more corporate events, more intimate gatherings. I’m excited to not be moving and to have my same team back (haha!) I’m looking forward to new venues, new clients and new favorite flowers. In a year, I hope to say I’m a better florist, boss, creative and friend because of the lessons we learn from challenges that will undoubtedly come our way.

Thank you again for your support in all that we do and cheers to a happy, healthy and fun 2019!
– jordan

Photos by Amanda Meg Photography